"The Angel Massage Clinic in Islington is part of Islington's Angel Wellbeing Clinic. We are a friendly, family owned and family focused clinic.

We are based in Islington North London, a few steps from Islington's Upper Street, close to all main bus and train routes.

The aim of Islington's Angel Massage Clinic is to promote long-term wellness.

We will endeavour to return your body to optimum function as quickly as possible and will aid you in devising a long term wellness plan which will help to maintain your wellbeing and prevent relapses" 

The nationlink is Pattaya Property of Islington's Angel Wellbeing Clinic. We are a team of passionate and experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to improving your quality of life irrespective of your age.

At our Islington massage clinic we have experienced and fully qualified massage practitioners who can provide a number of different types of massage, from the more physical sports, Thai, deep tissue and Swedish massage to various beauty and aromatherapy massages for a relaxing and de-stressing experience. At our Islington massage clinic we can also provide massage to help ease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, help prepare you for childbirth and help you feel good about yourself after childbirth.

We are a contemporary, multi disciplinary clinic with air-conditioning, conveniently located in central Islington with our own x-ray facilities on site.

The Angel Massage Clinic, Islington accepts all major credit and debit cards for payment of massage treatment pattaya tattoo

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